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Lightning 2021/22 Tryouts

Lightning tryouts are scheduled for the week of May 3rd.

Watch our website for days and times.

LCAHA Board of Directors

PAHL Mask Requirement - 11-20-2020 Update

Based on the governor's 11/19/20 clarification on masks for youth athletes, the PAHL will continue to recommend masking at all times per the PA Guidance, but will defer to the athlete's choice only while they are wearing their helmet and mouth guard:

According to Section 3, the athlete would be asked to work through alternatives that would reduce or eliminate the respiratory droplets that would impact others in proximity. If the sport, equipment, or exertion level does not allow for face covering to be worn safely then the athlete should not wear a face covering.

Please refer to the full PA Guidance for Sports document updated 11/19/20 and posted on the PAHL website.

Athletes must continue to mask when not on the ice/bench for game play. All coaches, admin, and spectators must mask and social distance. Do not allow them to be non compliant and risk shutting our youth sport down.

Finally, there may still be facilities that will require a mask during game play unless you have a medical excuse. Your player will have to wear one at these locations during game play until such time as they amend their rules. Always check before you travel as this is a moving target and may continually be updated.

PAHL Mask Requirement - New 11-17-2020 PA State Guidelines

LCAHA Members,

PAHL hosted their monthly Presidents Conference Call yesterday (11/17/20). The main topic of discussion was the newest guidelines released by PA leadership earlier in the day. There is much confusion around the new guidelines prompting several leagues to submit "clarification requests" to the state to get exact instructions regarding what will now be required to continue to play hockey. These requests do not come back quickly so our leagues are forced to come up with a contingency plan during the interim.

To buy our league time, PAHL is requiring for at least the next two weeks that all people on the ice - coaches, referees, and players - wear a mask. Other states have been doing this since they have returned, so PAHL is thinking that we can at least try this. After two weeks PAHL plans to reconvene to see if we have gotten any further clarification or instruction. If we do not have further clarity after two weeks, PAHL will extend the mask policy another two weeks and then meet again to discuss.

Additionally, due to the new testing requirements when travelling out of state, Youngstown, Morgantown, and Wheeling will be postponing all games this weekend (11/21,22) and next weekend (11/28,29). Games in December will still remain as scheduled for now. Once PAHL meets again in two weeks a decision on those games will be made as well.

Whether we agree or disagree with all of this is irrelevant at the moment. PAHL is doing what they feel is best in order to keep hockey out of the spotlight, and keep our kids playing. Many hockey facemask options were mentioned in the meeting. We have included a link to some of these options below. There is no official list of "approved" coverings for hockey, but these are at least an attempt.

As always, we will keep everyone up to speed as new information is made available.

LCAHA Board of Directors

Hess Ice Rink - Sidney Crosby's Little Penguins Learn to Play Hockey

Lightning Family,

Please help spread the word regarding the upcoming Little Penguins Learn to Play Hockey Program hosted by Hess Ice Rink.

Program Information link:

Hess Registration direct link:

As we all know, this Learn to Play Hockey program is the main feeder system for our Lightning organization, as nearly all of our children have gotten their start here!


LCAHA Board of Directors

Hess Ice Rink COVID-19 Guidelines

- Enter through the new entrance on the North side of the New Locker Room Building

- Face Masks are recommended, except for players and coaches when they are on the ice

- Any player, parent or visitor that is ill, has a cough or fever, or has trouble breathing stay home

- Social distancing must be observed as much as practical. Please keep 6 feet away from others

- Cover coughs and sneezes. Please wash hands frequently and use hand sanitizer located in multiple areas of the rink

- We recommend that players not show up for their ice session earlier than 30 minutes prior to the scheduled start time. Players should show up at the rink dressed as much as possible, thus minimizing time in the locker room and congregating

- At the end of each ice session, players should undress and exit the locker room and the building within 15 minutes when possible

- Upon conclusion of ice session, exit into the rear parking lot on the West side or Northwest side of the New Locker Room Building. (There are 3 exit points)

- Only 2 guests permitted in the building per player. Our occupancy allowed is 150. More than 2 guests per player will exceed our limit

- Players and guests arriving for next game need to remain outside of facility until parents and players from prior game exit the building

- Follow social distancing and other CDC COVID-19 guidelines when possible inside the facility

- Absolutely NO parents permitted in the locker room side of the rink unless properly credentialed.

Local Rink COVID-19 Protocol

Follow the link below to the PAHL website for local rink COVID-19 protocol information.

Current Announcements

September Board Meeting Minutes Posted

2020/21 Practice Schedule (Begins 8/3/20)


5:00-6:00 (Pee Wee 2)

5:45-6:45 (Pee Wee 1)


9:00-10:00 (Midget 1 & Midget 2)


5:45-6:45 (Squirt 1 & Squirt 2)

7:00-8:00 (Bantam 1 & Bantam 2)

8:15-9:15 (Midget 2)

9:00-10:00 (Midget 1)


5:15-6:45 (Mites starting 9/10/20)

7:00-8:00 (Pee Wee 1 & Pee Wee 2)

8:15-9:15 (Bantam 2)

9:00-10:00 (Bantam 1)


5:00-6:00 (Squirt 1)

5:45-6:45 (Squirt 2)


7:00-8:30 AM (Mites starting 9/12/20)

2020/21 Final Rosters

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